We Are ADS Agency

Future Concept.

We believe that WEB3 will change the world. Part of RL will move to Blockchain. We participate in this process by helping people understand this new model of reality.

The Big Ideas.

We believe that advertising is the driving force behind the development of any undertaking. Ideally, it’s a community-based ad that tells your friends about a new product. That is why we will develop our community to help build the brand of Principals and Partners.

Creative Solutions.

We do not lack creativity. We are open to using new technologies in Blockchain. We constantly follow new trends related to ADS in crypto and we will use them in our daily work.



Digital Strategy

We use all available means related to digital solutions. Starting from the implementation of short advertising spots to art generated by AI. We have our own digital graphic designer and we cooperate with other artists in this area.

Environmental Protection

We are keenly interested in everything related to environmental protection. We organize various types of events on our social media and Discord Server to raise awareness on this topic.

Content Writing

The scope of our services also includes writing high-quality content to be added to blogs or publishers serwices of the Principal. This is one of the most effective ways to build a brand.

Marketing Strategy

Each project or artistic work requires an individual approach to the subject. We set the marketing strategy only after getting to know the project thoroughly.

ASX Token

For settlements with contractors, we have launched our native ASX token.
The token has a liquidity pool and, in addition to its utility as a means of payment, can be used as an investment token.
Contract address: 0xc69ec15775aa8be1698893b681f415038dee8339
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White Paper

The question then arises why Blockchain? Why not stick to what has been proven?
Well, the answer is simpler than you might think.
As of this writing, 12 years after Bitcoin’s inception, Blockchain is still in its infancy. Basically like the internet, when it started, now look, we are on the verge of the internet of things.
Imagine yourself what Blockchain will look like in the next 12 years. Let us face it, cryptocurrency is already very popular and you just do not want to miss it. Think of those who did not invest in the internet because they thought it was irrelevant. Do you know it is still early enough to get into it?
In order to appear on the web and be able to take full advantage of the blessing of Blockchain, the most important thing is visibility on the Internet. There is no better advertisement for a project or
product than advertising on social media. Internet users are currently the most opinion-forming social group and if something is approved by this community, it will surely be successful.
ADS Social ASX will focus on promoting cryptographic projects and NFT artist after entering into partnerships with project developers.
Our goal is to disseminate knowledge about cryptocurrencies through the creative advertising of existing and new Blockchain-based projects. We will be supported in this by the community focused around the project, which will be rewarded for engagement with the $ ASX token, created not only for the purpose of settling accounts for the work performed for the benefit of clients. $ ASX will also be an investment token, will be added to the liquidity pool onPancakeSwap. Introduction
Ads Social (aka ASX) is a utility token on the Binance smart chain (low transaction fees), the purpose of which is to reward the participants of marketing campaigns.
Anyone could become Ads Social partner by connecting with us over Discord (main headquarters), purchasing $ASX, and applying for an advertising campaign.
We will promote your social media content backed up by our trusted legion of followers.
All the $ASX token being brought to support the advertising campaign will be distributed in 95% to those who worked hard on the advertising campaign and 5% to the ASX team.
Our focus on social media is high and we invested $1000 to list $ASX on the Discord exchange bot,
This step allowed us to adopt our currency instantly and enabled us to send the payments and rewards to the community members without unnecessary transaction wait time or fees. Payments are offered for active engagement in promoting and other activities organized by the ADS Social ASX Team. The token itself was created with the main focus on our community and functionality for the project in mind, hence, each of our Partners or Principals could make settlements with us utilizing it.
Offering the $ASX token on PancakeSwap builds an excellent investment tool by adding liquidity to the pool, so go ahead and be part of it.
Ads Social Team decided to roll out the token with no presale activities in order to offer the pure value upon launch,where everyone has an equal chance to get into the ASX project without the artificially pumped price. The project financing did not use any external sponsorship or grants.
It is financed by the Team’s private funds. Both ASX Treasury and Team wallets are locked for 1 year. Rewards overview
In addition to obtaining our token through payments or by purchase on the exchange, we will offer other possibilities to earn $ASX as rewards such as: -airdrops for holding $ASX on one of the supported wallets on the BSC network, -airdrops for the Discord server VIP roles (no need for the external wallet).
The % of benefits will change in time, but the general rule is: the more $ASX the higher the role followed bythe bigger the rewards. TOKENOMICS *Total supply – 21,000,000 ASX total number of minted tokens (including all the pools listed below) *ASX Treasury – 7,000,000 ASX Treasury blocked for a 1 year period (renewable). Tokens can be unlocked after a year if we find Partners on the NFT market. *Liquidity pool – 3,000,000 ASX Total amount of tokens the Team will add to the liquidity pool or more (depending on market demand) *Discord roles sale – 3,000,000 ASX Total Discord Tokens Selling via VIP Roles *Holders – 2,000,000 ASX tokens to be distributed to people who hold tokens in their wallets *Airdrops for the Community – 2,000,000 ASX total token pool for Airdrops and ASX token promotion *Team – 3,000,000 ASX Team Tokens blocked for 1 year will not be released sooner. After a year of time, the Team will decide what token pool will be released into circulation *Operating Tokens – 1,000,000 ASX Team Operating Tokens, initial phase of adding a liquidity pool. In addition to airdrops (payments) for activities related to marketing campaigns, we prepared several options for our community to obtain $ASX tokens. Taking care of the project economics, we limited the distribution of only 2,000,000 tokens for the Discord community members that additionally maintain their
external wallet (MetaMask, TrustWallet) balance of $ASX on the given level.
A dedicated Discord server role is granted automatically after the external wallet balance is verified. wallets (accounts) are excluded from this distribution.
Every week the Discord member holding the relevant role is going to receive a reward as following @ASX Hodler 300 You will receive 1 token once a week @ASX Hodler 4000 You will receive 5 tokens once a week @ASX Hodler 10000 You will receive 25 tokens once a week @ASX Hodler 20000 You will receive 50 token once a week Not everyone treats their holders the way we do 🙂 Roadmap 2021
Q2: Preparation of discord server, auditions for team, token creation,
website launch, social media creation
Q2: Gathering community and partners, token testing (test net), spreading awareness, white paper launch, launch on Pancake Swap
Q3: Launch on, launch on Coinpaprika
Q4: Looking for more partnerships, listing on coin listing portals
(Coinhunt, Coinsniper, Etc) Roadmap 2022
Q1: Expansion in to NFT’s
Q2: Connect with NFT artists
Q3: Further expansion of NFT community
Q4: Acquire 3 big partnerships Roadmap 2023
Q1-Q4 Continuation of project development CONCLUSION:
Staying on top when technology is advancing so fast is not an easy task,but don’t worry, you’ve got us. Thanks to our professional team and professional followers, no matter what your company is, you can be sure thatyou will be promoted in the right way.
And if you are only interested in trading, we give you a token with a real use case.

Our Team

Łukasz (Lukasz_Nad) – Founder – Marketing- Media Community
Victoria Aga (Aarona) – CO-Founder-Marketing-Graphics-Media Community


AllsafeCoin –
PengolinCoin (PGO) –
MoneyByte –
SMB Empire –
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Crypto man –

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Creator of the WALLE Teaches Crypto Project

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