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Introducing our Team.

We are a group of enthusiasts of the broadly understood world of cryptocurrencies, Web3, NFT, AI, Blockchain and everything related to it.

Our mission is to spread knowledge about the possibilities that open up to people after entering the Metaverse.

That’s why we took the task to focus on advertising cryptographic projects and NFT artists. Not for millions, but in the form of using our native ASX token for settlements, which anyone can exchange for, for example, Pancakeswap.

We have built a stable and committed community around the project, which visibly contributes to the achievement of the set goals.
The life of the project takes place on Discord. This is where we meet the community and friends every day.

We invite everyone to visit us there in order to get to know each other better.

Łukasz (Lukasz_Nad)

Łukasz (Lukasz_Nad)


“Everything is hard before it is easy”

Victoria-Aga (Aarona)

Victoria-Aga (Aarona)


„World is beautiful”