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What is Ads Social token?

$ASX is the BEP20 token built on Binance Smart Chain network. It was released in the amount of 21mln units. You can purchase $ASX on Pancake swap exchange.

What is the purpose of the $ASX token?

$ASX is a unit of account in our ecosystem. A Partner who wants to advertise their project is obligated to pay for their campaign in $ASX tokens. The team then creates a campaign project and implements it. There are many methods of advertising projects – we use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Discord. In order to gain interest in the campaign, we organize different competitions, the winners of which are rewarded with $ASX tokens. Competitions are constructed in such a way to most effectively increase the reach of the advertised project, and thus build its community. We also thought about using the $ASX token to create a loyal community to which the Partners’ advertising campaigns will be directed. Each holder of the appropriate amount of tokens, connected to our Discord server with the wallet, is rewarded. Additional mechanisms, described in the whitepaper, allow to get up to 20% return on investing in the token.

Token details

Token NameAds Social
Token Ticker$ASX
Contract Address0xc69ec15775aa8be1698893b681f415038dee8339
Token Infohttps://pancakeswap.info/token/0xc69ec15775aa8be1698893b681f415038dee8339
NetworkBinance Smart Chain (BSC)
Total Supply21 000 000
Treasury pool7 000 000 (blocked for 1 year)
Team pool3 000 000 (blocked for 1 year)

Where is our token listed?





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